Window Treatments that are both fashionable and energy-efficient

Everyone wants to save energy in their homes, whether it’s to save money on bills or to help the environment. However, the goal of energy conservation has a negative connotation in terms of home design. Environmentally friendly renovations do not have a good reputation as attractive features in home décor. As a result, many homeowners are unaware that several window treatments can also help save energy. Not only does the appearance of window treatments matter, but so does their ability to save power.

There are now a variety of window coverings available to reduce heat loss in the winter while also reducing incoming heat in the summer. You can make your home more energy-efficient without sacrificing the look of a room by combining various materials and styles. There are a variety of chic window treatments that are also environmentally friendly.

Let’s talk about them.

  • Awnings: Window awnings can be a lovely addition to the exterior of your home. They can be made of metal, canvas, or water-repellent, weather-resistant synthetic fibers. They provide a comfortable covering for your flower boxes and limit the amount of heat that enters your home when properly installed.
  • Blinds: Any blinds that block outside light and trap air inside your home will help you save money on your energy bill. They’ll fit your windows perfectly and leave no gaps through which light or air can leak. If you want to go a step further with your energy-saving window treatments, look into highly reflective blinds.
  • Shades: A wide range of window shades has the potential to make any home feel warm and inviting. They’re also the most basic of environmentally friendly window treatments. Because they are reflective, white on the backside is the best color for energy efficiency. Shades with multiple cells are also preferable because they trap air indoors, where it belongs.
  • Drapes: Drapes are the most popular energy-efficient window covering. Drapes provide a stylish look while also assisting in the control of indoor temperatures. Not all drapes can save energy, and their ability to maintain heat loss and gain is dependent on several factors. The fabric you choose will have an impact on how well your drapes perform in terms of energy efficiency. Choose a multi-colored drape with a white backing to help reflect the heat if you’re trying to reduce incoming heat during the summer. Not to mention that the drapes’ pleats and folds will aid in heat convection. Drapes are also excellent for insulating a home during the winter.
  • Indoor and outdoor shutters: Shutters can be installed on the inside or outside of a house. They’re not only very popular in today’s home design, but they’re also among the most environmentally friendly window treatments available. They provide weather protection, increased security, and a lower risk of thermal shock to your windows in extreme temperatures. Window shutters are available in a variety of materials and can be mechanically installed to meet your needs.

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