BBlinds & Window Awnings

Do classy Blinds draw your eye or do you want an awning that keeps out the sunlight? Then you need to hunt for the Blinds and Awnings that are better than the rest. With blinds, you can add a striking vibe to the interior of a room or deliver a professional touch to an office space. While an awning delivers a singular look to the exterior of a building. To help you make the best choice of blinds and window awnings we’ve rounded up the trendiest in the market.

Faux and Basswood Blinds give your home the Designer Touch

Outfitting your home with décor, art, and furniture that catches the eye is vital. But window treatments are also essential and you can use them to add the right amount of style to spaces. Especially when FauxWood Blinds are used, they complement furniture with darker hues and lend a sophisticated vibe to a space. With Faux Wood Blinds coming in a variety of warm shades they are also ideal when outfitting rooms that have large doors and windows leading outdoors. These blinds with flat wide slats are designed with UV ray protection. While the thickness of the slats and the heavy-duty accessories ensure that they are durable.

When looking for blinds that are versatile and can complement various interior designs, the first choice is often those created with basswood slats. These are ideal for areas where the amount of sunshine and heat entering the room has to be controlled. Horizontal Blinds created with basswood slats come with a large variety of finishes. The blinds, therefore, are ideal if you want a versatile option that matches various types of furniture or the paint color used on walls.

Practical and Durable Legacy Vertical Blinds

Wth legacy vertical blinds you can add a singular look to your home. These blinds are designed to be used on various types of windows including those with unique shapes. Whether windows have curves orstriking angles built in these blinds provide good protection from the sun. Vertical Blinds come in a huge variety of colors and fabric choices including durable PVC. Created with a patterned or smooth fabric that also includes translucent options, these blinds allow you to manage the transmission of light into a room. These blinds are the perfect option especially if you have sliding glass windows and can be adjusted without any hassles.

Awnings keep heat and sunlight away

Got several windows in your business or home that face the east and west and do they cause rooms to heat up in the morning and afternoon? Then it’s time for awnings to be considered. Awnings whether they are brightly patterned, dark or light-hued are perfect options for reducing the amount of glare and heat entering a home. Using awnings on windows also provides your home with a cosmetic touch as soon as they are installed.

As awnings are made from a variety of materials including fiber and glass, you can outfit your home in style. Awnings provide up to 80 percent reduction of heat hitting a window and as a result, you can cut the use of air conditioners during the day. Colored awnings especially those in darker hues can result in cutting cooling costs up to 50 percent during a particularly hot year. With awning accessories and hardware coming in several shades they remain unobtrusive on the exterior of buildings and do not reduce its aesthetic appeal.

Blinds and Window Awnings add value to your home and business. With the right types of blinds and awnings, you can also get a significant amount of energy savings. To find the best blinds and window treatments for your needs contact BMS Decor for a quote.

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