Blinds, Shades

The use of Blinds and Shades:

Blinds or shades are not just used to cover up the window or control sunlight but can be used for different purposes such as privacy, décor enhancement, and so on. Without shades or blinds, windows are nothing but just a gap in the wall. If you are looking for better-looking rooms and at the same time want to control the sunlight that comes in through windows, then you must start using blinds and shades. Apart from widely used in offices, blinds and shades are highly considered to be used in houses. You can get the customized blinds and shades as per the size of your window.

Where to buy Blinds & Shades:  

Blinds and shades can be bought from online furnishing stores or by simply visiting brick stores. However, before purchasing shades and blinds, make sure you check the quality of the shades that you are buying. Also, ensure the proper measurement of windows as improper shades can spoil the whole interior of the room. Unfitted blinds can also let the sunlight come in, making it of no use. Therefore, make sure you have properly fitted blinds and shades for your rooms in your home and offices.

Other than the measurements, also be assured what to buy. Yes, as blinds and shades are available in different types, styles, fiber quality, etc., you should know what kind of blinds you need. Other than using for windows, blinds and shades are also used to divide room or have separate space in the room. You can also make use of shades and blinds to make separate work areas within the house For better quality, you can consider buying shades and blinds from BMS Décor.

What to know what are the popular types of Blinds that you can use in your office or home? Fine here:  

  • Roller blinds: Roller Blinds are the most stylish yet simplest kind of blinds, allowing you to enhance the room’s interior and control the amount of sunlight to come-in.
  • Wooden blinds: If you are want to have a unique style of blinds, and then try investing in wooden blinds. In fact, wooden blinds are one of the most used types of blinds. You can also think of adding some natural textures and colors to make it more attractive.
  • Venetian blinds: A combination of horizontal slats and the finest quality of the fabric, Venetian Blinds are another popular type of blinds that are widely used in our offices and home.
  • Vertical blinds: Vertical Blinds are highly used in offices as they are best known for controlling the sunlight and comes easy on the pocket. Besides, Vertical blinds are better for privacy control.
  • Roman blinds: This is one of the most stylish and widely used blinds. Along with the great stylish feature, the roman blinds are well-known for the quality of the fabric.
  • Day-Night blinds: If you are looking for better control of sunlight and have better privacy in the evening then you must choose the Day Nights blinds. This type of blinds allows you to have control over both privacy as well as sunlight control.
  • Other blinds: Some of the other popular blinds that you can use for your homes and offices include Blackout blinds, Plantation shutters, Conservatory blinds, Skylight blinds, Office blinds, Electric Blinds, and others.

No matter what your choice and requirement of blinds and shades are, you can buy any kind of blinds and shades from BMS Décor. BMS décor not only makes sure you get quality products but also ensures stylish blinds and shades for your windows.

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