shades, blinds, or shutters

You may not know what the best window fashion for your house is until you’ve started shopping! When it comes to window fashion, there are a lot of choices to make. What is the maximum amount you’ll spend? What kind of event are you planning? Do you want it to be informal or formal? The amount and sort of light entering the area, as well as the room’s size and form, will all have an impact. After you’ve eliminated a few possibilities, consider the following questions:

What style am I going for?

Before you can even worry about shades, blinds, or shutters, you need to figure out where the window is located and what style of home you are decorating. If it is a formal living room then plantation shutters might be the best for you because they look classy and elegant. If your home has more contemporary furniture then shades may be better for you as they give off a modern feel.

Is my home contemporary or traditional?

Choosing the right shades for your window will add a modern finishing touch to a contemporary room, while shades with classic details may be more appropriate in a room with traditional elements. In general, shades that have pleats and darts give a space a more up-to-date appeal. The clean lines of shades without added accessories are ideal when you want shades that won’t compete with other decorative items in the space.

How high should my window treatments be?

When properly measured, window treatments should fall between 3/4″ and 2″ above your windowsill. If you want to cover the sill with fabric, measure from where the fabric will land on the sill to the floor. If you prefer to leave the sill uncovered, measure from the inside of the window frame to the floor.  Measure your windows before heading out to your local home improvement store or custom shades and blinds shop.

What style of window do I have?

Choosing the best way to dress your windows is a personal choice that you will need to make firstly by considering your needs and then your existing decor. There are many different styles of shades on the market, which makes it hard to decide between them on appearance alone. Most shades come in two distinct types: fabric shades and blinds. Shades typically consist of one long piece of fabric that can be rolled up to open or unroll down for privacy.


You can also speak with your local window fashion professional to get help determining the best window treatments for your home. They will have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a variety of options, as well as expert installation advice. Whether you decide on custom drapes or plantation shutters, make sure to take into account all of the factors involved in order to find the perfect window fashion for your unique space! Have you determined which window fashion is best for your home?

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