selecting a window treatment

Choosing the right window treatment for the rooms is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also from a functional viewpoint. For instance, one would want privacy for their bedroom and enjoy a beautiful view. So, instead of opting for the conventional sun-blocking drapes, one can layer the window with plantation shutters and honeycomb or roller shades. It is important to find the right balance when selecting a window treatment for different parts of the room. The market is full of varieties that one can choose from to create a truly customized look for their room among the available options.

Living Room

The living room is where we entertain guests, it is probably the first and maybe the only room of the house that is given to all visitors. It is certainly the space with all the best interior décor. Hence, the window treatment for this room must not be purely functional, but it could be a feature display for the room. You can choose blinds in real or faux wood or opt for Roman shades that look graceful with all types of decors.

Kids Room

Firstly, the window treatment for kids’ rooms must be cordless or automated to avert all accident risks. Next, they can carry bright patterns, have an image matching some theme such as space, wildlife, superheroes, or nature. It can be reflective of their interests or have a solid print with happy colors that will make calm them and reflect positivity.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a sacred space as far as window treatments go as this is a personal space and one would like to create a personalized look for it. instead of the traditional heavy drapery or curtains, you can opt for automated blinds or shades that can take commands from smart home devices. one can opt for solar shades or blinds that will blackout the room when you feel like sleeping in. If the bedroom has bay or bow windows, then they can be layered with mini blinds and plantation shutters to create a cozy alcove to sit in.


The kitchen is another space where there may be multiple windows or various sizes. So, the popular choice is generally cordless roller shades or horizontal blinds. However, if there is room, one can choose to install a perky plantation shutter on one of the windows. One can choose sheer fabric shades or blinds to let in sunlight or go for PVC blinds that are easy to clean and maintain.


The bathroom again generally has a small window for which one can add valances, single plantation shutter, or roller shades. If the bathroom window is larger, then PVC blinds or shades are both waterproof and offer ample privacy. One can choose shades with patterns or vibrant colors to add a dash of zest to the bathroom space.

One can choose to decorate the different rooms of the house differently and opt for different types of window decors for each room.

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