Shades and blinds

Conference rooms require complete privacy, an easy access to peek out, and the window treatment must crate the ambience that matches the office ethos. Most offices carry a formal vibe; however, some try to carry an easy ambience to keep the moods uplifted. While the room décor and wall color are carefully selected to do this, choosing apt window treatment can complete the look. Shades and blinds are the most found choices for conference room décor because –

  • They offer a clean look
  • They are easy to maintain
  • There are options for choosing fully automated blinds and shades
  • There are many choices for all types of décors

Here are five types of blinds or shades for conference rooms.

1. Vertical blinds

For conference rooms that have glass walls, floor to ceiling windows, or wall to wall windows, vertical blinds are a perfect addition. These blinds come with their own frame in which they can be glided to fully open or shut, or open individual vanes. You can choose them in sheer or solid PVC, real wood, or faux wood materials. The vanes are generally broad, so it gives better cover for the room.

2. Roller shades

Roller shades give more variety in terms of the choice of material one can use. These do not have multiple vanes, and the entire shade rolls up into a cassette exposing the entire window. Or, they can be rolled up partially, to let in natural light. Blackout roller shades are often chosen for the conference rooms as they make the room sufficiently dark to watch presentations.

3. Cellular shades

Cellular shades have a unique open and close pattern that will give the room a modern look. It fits into a frame and can be slid up or down to open and close the shade. This shade can be drawn on part of the window to give partial view of the conference room while maintaining privacy inside. If the room get a lot of natural light, then cellular shades is an energy efficient solution as it will trap the heat in its honeycomb cells to naturally insulate the room while filtering natural light into the room.

4. Combi Shades

These are another versatile choice of shades and blinds. The combi shades have the fluid fabric of shades and individual vanes like the blind. They stack up completely in beautiful folds that add to the ambiance of the room.

5. Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are yet another classic for the conference room and can be seen in the best of them, whether they have tall windows or short ones. They generally have thin vanes, so even if the vanes are completely open, they don’t give a clear view of the inside, though light can filter in.

Conference rooms are places where a group must sit for long periods for meetings and presentations. They have special needs in terms of style and functionality for window treatments and blinds and shades have incredible varieties that do not compromise on either.  

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