PVC Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for budget friendly alternative for real wood shutters, then PVC shutters are the best option. They come with the look and feel of real wood and have its strength and beauty. For places with moisture, real wood shutters tend to expand and get stuck, which is not the case with PVC shutters. This material will neither fade nor warp over time, and you can continue to enjoy good air flow and natural light as the louvers can be rotated to various angles.

Here are 5 benefits of PVC shutters.

1. They can be customized

PVC shutters can be manufactured as per the needs of the house. They can be cut and designed to fit the frame of all types of windows and doors. Thus, if you have arched windows, the PVC shutters can be cut to the shape to retain the unique appearance of the window.

2. It fits the budget

Real wood and aluminum shutters can be out of the price range for most homeowners. PVC shutters are reasonable priced and offer the same grace and functionality as real wood shutters. They are constructed from hollow tubes, but PVC shutters are as resilient as their wooden counterparts.

3. They can withstand any weather condition

PVC is plastic, and plastic can last a lifetime. The PVC shutters are designed to withstand intense temperatures, they are UV resistant, they do not peel, warp, crack, or fade over time. They are of sturdy construct and perfect for areas of the house such as the bathroom, patio, or kitchen where the shutters will experience moisture and heat.

4. They are easy to clean

PVC plantation shutters are easy to clean. They can be wiped down with a duster, or a wet cloth and they will be their shiny new self. Since the individual louver can be slid open, they can also be wiped down easily if they appear to have too much dust accumulation.

5. They offer stye and functionality

PVC shutters can easily be mistaken for real wood shutters, if that is the look you are going for. There is more choice in color and shape of the plantation shutter with PVC material. With their easy-to-use mechanism and smooth hinges, PVC shutters are highly functional for filtering natural light. They are UV rays resistant so, you can get soft light indoors while blocking the harsh light that can harm the furniture and carpets inside. It will also allow you to let in light breeze from outside on a pleasant day.

Whether your room has tall windows or short windows, the PVC plantation shutters will look elegant with both. You can layer them with natural fiber shades to give them a classic look. You can also have them as the only window treatment, to adapt them to a modern décor. Plantation shutters are a versatile window treatment that give a great look from the interiors and for curb-side view. With PVC material, the plantation shutters will retain the classic look and feel of the traditional shutters.

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